Accomodation and Board

Teams must pay costs of accomodation and board. Accommodation can be arranged only with the organizer.The organizer has provided excellent accommodation facilities at affordable prices: in a clasrooms (participants must bring own sleeping bags), in a comfortable 2-3 bedded rooms with private bath, and abundant food or in exclusive Hotel **** .

Organizer has provided accommodation for parents and friends, and others unaccompanied of the players by the same, affordable, prices as for players. Please specify that request in a application form oft he Tournament.

1. Pansion ***   (2-3 bed rooms, toalet)

  • Sleeping, 3 day meals   – 34 Euro/day
  • Sleeping, 2 day meals  – 27 Euro/day
  • Sleeping, 1 day meals  – 22 Euro/day
  • Only sleeping – 17 Euro/day

3. Hotel **** –  by agreement