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Organized by the Croatian handball team Medjugorje, 20-24 August 2016, there will be memorial tournament Medjugorje in 2015 for the younger generation who played in honor of the late prominent sports professional and former president of the Club, Stanko Sivric. For the eleventh time Medjugorje will welcome dozens of handball teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Region and abroad, which will contribute to this traditional festival of Medjugorje Handball.

Year after year, this events attracts more and more young players. This year the International Handball Tournament in Medjugorje as before will be remembered as shown by the top quality of the game and in the number of teams and competitors as well as excellent organization and attendance why is rightly placed in the rank of the fittest and most of considerable handball Tournament for younger ages in Bosnia and Herzegovina and among stronger in Europe.


As in past years with the handball competition available to all competitors will be many othervery interesting entertainment as they prepare hosts, organizers and sponsors of the Tournament. To illustrate the beauty of young athlets, Herzegovina organizers will make sure that the participitans of the Tournament visit Herzegovina tourist pearls and of which the most interesting for young: Kravica wtterfalls, Mostar – Old bridge and Marian pilgrimage Shrine of Medjugorje.


August 20th- August 24th 2016, Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina



Men: Woman:
  • 2000/01
  • 2002/03
  • 2004/05
  • 2000/01
  • 2002/03
  • 2004/05




Aug 5 – Last date for registration and payment of registration and accomodation;

Aug 20 – Team arrivals (till 14h), opening ceremony, group play begins;

Aug 21 – Group play, Miss&Mister contest, live music;

Aug 22 – Group play, leaders party;

Aug 23 – Final day, awarding and closing ceremony;



Indoor hall

Outdoor fields (artificial grass)