Tournament rules

1. Organizer

Croatian Handball Club Medjugorje is organizer of the  19th memorial Stanko Sivric Medjugorje 2024 – (August 23th -August 25rd, 2024), Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

2. Playing rules

Medjugorje 2024 is played according to the EHF rules and RS BiH regulations.

3. Competition form

Main Round

The teams are divided into groups of 4 to 6 teams where all play against each other.

If two or more teams have the same number of points, the place in the group is decided as follows:

2. Difference in goals
3. Highest number of goals scored
4. Result of the game between the teams in question
5. Drawing of lots

Semi finals

The two best teams qualify to the Semi finals. The rest of the teams in the small groups (with 3-4 teams) play games for 5-8. place.

4. Age category men/woman


Men: Woman:






5. Number of players and substitutes

A team may use a maximum of 16 players per game, but only players from the list of players applied on the beginning of the Tournament(max. 16 players per team).

You may use the same player from a club in various teams, (only young players in older categories) but NOT in the same age category.

6. Game time

All categories play 2 x 15 minutes.

(Categories senior teams and 2008/09 play 2×20 minutes)

In the Finals all categories play 2 x 20 minutes (2010/10 and 2012/13 play 2×15 minutes).

7. Before the game

Team list:

a team list valid for the whole tournament must be left to at the Organizer before the first game.

Only the participants on the list may play Tournamet games.

Control will be made at randomly chosen games.


if two teams have the same dress colour the away team has to change.

All teams have to be ready and dressed at the field, before the immediate start of the game.

8. At the game

* The home team has the ball at the start of the game

* Team cannot request team time out. No time out at 7 metres throws (exeption in case of seriously indjuries).

* A team that leaves the playing field is disqualified from the tournament.

* After the game, each team leader must sign the game protocol.

* A player who gets a direct red card will be automatically suspended for the next game.

* Each team is responsible for its’ supporters’ behaviour.

Note: If there is a result board at the playing-field the home team is responsible that the ongoing result is shown correctly (unofficial).


the home team has to bring a correct size and authorized ball to the game. If both teams agree another ball size may be used.

The referee must authorize them all.

Category 2008/09:

ball size 54-56 cm / 325-375 g (size 2)

Category 2010/11 and 2012/13:

ball size 50-52 cm / 290-330 g (size 1)

9. Age identification

All players have to show age identification if the tournament organizer asks for it.Teams from Bosnia and Herzegovina shows verified cards (Handball association of BiH) or passports and foreign teams shows passports. If a team uses an unqualified player they will lose the particular game with result 10-0,  and second time will be excluded from the tournament.

10. Referees

The organizer, in collaboration with the BiH handbal federation, determines judges. Foreign judges are also invited, for which it will apply the following rules:

they can be proved with an appropriate document a national organization to which he belongs, but not lover than the second national league.

The accommodation and board for judges will take care of the organizer (for free).

The number of judges is limited.

11. Tournament jury

The tournament jury is composed of representatives from different countries. The jury decides protests and penalties. The jury’s rulings cannot be changed or overruled.

12. Protests and penalties

Protests have to be given in to the nearest secretariat at the most 15 minutes after the game in question has finished. The protest quota(Euro 50) has to be paid at the same time. It will be returned if the protest is accepted.

13. Walk Over

A team that does not show up without a legitimate reason will lose the game with 10-0. If this happens more than once, the team may be excluded from the tournament. If there are compelling reasons the jury can exclude a team on the first offence.

14. Playing fields

The Tournament games will take place at the few in-outdor playing fields in Medjugorje. If there is bad weather all games can be moved to the indor playing fields.

16. Playing program

Organizer reserves the right to make changes in the schedule regarding groups, start times and playcourts.

17. Result service

Results will continuously be put up at the  Medjugorje 2024 Center. Results will also be continuously updated on our website,

18. Order regulations


* The team leader stipulated on the team-list will at all times be responsible for his/her players.

* It is forbidden to drink and smoke in the pansion rooms.

* The team who caused material damage in the pansion rooms will be charged to the team leaders;

19. Insurance/medical care, liability

Each team leader must make sure that his/her players are totally insured both on and outside the playing field, and the team leader is fully responsable for his/her players during the Tournament. Organizer has no general insurances that cover accidents, sickness, thefts or damages.

Organizer provides free medical care at each game (MEPP – Medjugorje first aid team). In case of seriously indjuries local hospital charges service fee to the team leaders.